James Kum

Assistant Sound

...or as it was formerly known; Sound Boom Operator

James prides himself as a hard working sound person with plenty of experience, a can-do attitude and a good sense of humor.

Strong arms help but good technique and experience is everything, which goes a long way to providing your production with a quality ‘lump-free’ sound track when on the Boom.

Over the years we have acquired a wide range of utility equipment including professional boom poles, acoustic treatment (rubber backed carpets and acoustic foam) transportation trolleys, boom box and of course we can hire in any recording/mixing kit should the production require any last minute extras as often can happen.

James has a full licence and a 2003 VW Golf TDI for whipping to set.

James Kum

Mixer & Recordist

James has been mixing for as long as he has been operating but only since 2018 has he realised his dream of setting up a business providing Production Sound Recording services AND Kit.

James likes to reveal the entire sonic range of any performance or dialogue. We provide fully intelligible and dynamic dialogue tracks that ensure the story is fully told.

We can provide an ‘over the shoulder/bag’ sound kit for more run and gun style shoots (PSC, documentry’s) or you can go with the ‘sound cart’ setup for larger ongoing productions.


Playback Operator

…of music and dialogue Live whilst recording and keeping synchronisation with cameras and their ever changing frame rates.

James can tackle productions requiring recording and playback of live material whilst shooting. Music video’s/promo’s, live music recording for TV and Film and commercials as examples.

Depending on the job, specific consideration to frame rates, synchronisation and monitoring are paramount, as is the additional kit necessary for such a service, including: practical microphones, covert in ear monitoring, ‘thump tracks’ , digital slate, playback computer, digital mixer.